Jamie Harris Rosen

Jamie is an artist, experienced Restorative Justice facilitator and Expressive Arts therapist. For the past decade she has worked with individuals, teams, organizations and educational institutions in San Diego to help her diverse clients build community, resolve conflict, and cultivate resilience and well-being. She holds a BA in Psychology and Studio Art, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, and a MA in Expressive Arts Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. She is passionate about harnessing the power of creativity to transform the way diverse people navigate conflict and build community.

Drawing from her diverse professional experiences and additional training in alternative dispute resolution, Restorative Justice, trauma, somatics and yoga, she recently co-founded The Creatives PATCH, an organization that synthesizes peaceful and restorative conflict tools, somatics and expressive arts into a community-based healing model. 

In her facilitation and work as a therapist she leverages intermodal arts-based prompts and  reflection to help her clients expand their emotional and sensory intelligence, disrupt routine behavior and thinking, and move them closer to their desired goals. She has worked with the National Conflict Resolution Center, Veterans Village, The Monarch School, San Diego Unified School District (K1-12), Autism Tree Project Foundation, and University of California San Diego. 

Most recently, she has been developing and facilitating experiential based workshops, exploring issues of  culture, diversity, and allyship through an arts-based lense. These workshops bring together racially and ethnically diverse groups of people as they work towards visceral understandings of racism, break down barriers to connection, and move forward in their allyship and racial equity journeys.

Jamie is a single mother of two amazing adult children that both identify as artists in addition to their professional pursuits.  Jamie loves nature and is happiest when hiking, dancing, splattering paint and playing with her dog.

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Sook Young Kwon

Sook Kyoung Kwon is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Theatre/Performing Artist, Educator and Restorative Justice Practitioner. She specializes in utilizing creative interventions to help people overcome challenges and find healing. Her work relies heavily on Trauma-informed care, Arts-based process and Restorative practice. 

Sook Kyoung studied Theology(BA) and Christian Education and Counseling(Th.M) at Yonsei University in Korea. She holds an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from European Graduate School. She is a co-founder of The Creatives PATCH: Play and Arts Tools for Change and Healing and currently serves as a counselor at Elim Counseling Center for Family and Community(www.elimccfc.org). Sook Kyoung has been a trainer/facilitator for NCRC since 2018.

Sook Kyoung strongly believes in the power of play and arts to heal people, restore relationships and build and support communities. She is passionate about bringing expressive arts and training programs to diverse communities including incarcerated, immigrants, refugees, homeless, families of special needs children. Recently she developed and delivered a circle series to support members of the AAPI to unpack issues of identity and racism and build allyship. As an active theatre artist, her work incorporates the Theatre of the Oppressed and Playback Theatre to bring people together to share their stories and find healing and change.

She is proud to be the 1st generation immigrant and mom, loves dancing, playing, laughing, eating spicy food and giving hugs!

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